made in formaplan

We manufacture furniture parts and flat-packed furniture for furniture manufacturers, distributors and multi-channel providers. Our speciality is drawers.

As part of the Henrichsmeyer Group, we have over 90 years of experience in international cabinet-making, with a fantastic depth of production from standard size panels through to finished furniture. At our 135,000 square metre production area in Hövelhof, Germany, formaplan and its over 350 qualified employees and cutting-edge technology produce up to 160,000 drawers, 60,000 furniture parts and 50,000 packaging items every day.

Our efficient machinery, an in-house wood-fired heat and power 

station as well as a gas-based co-generation plant and additional production capacities at formaplan komponenty in Poland ensure that we are strong and flexible as well as offering attractive prices for large and small series production.

We inherited the passion for wood from our roots. While we now run a leading industrial operation, we still know that craftsmanship counts. Our employees are our guarantee of quality and innovativeness.

For our customers, we are the ideal partner for modern furniture making: we take over the product development, procurement of large quantities, complete production and packaging through to individual labelling. Everything with an outstanding level of expertise, commitment and sustainable success.